Your Skin, Thyroid and More

When you think of your skin, people generally don’t think about the thyroid gland. But they are closely related.

If your thyroid hormone is not producing enough thyroid hormone, then you will develop dry skin. In winter, your skin can become very itchy and develop cracks in your fingertips and hands.

How does low thyroid affect your face?

The skin on your face is very much affected by your thyroid activity. If your overall skin is dry from a lack of thyroid then your face will be dry, flat and prone to wrinkles. Those crow’s feet around the eyes will also become very prominent.

What happens when you recharge your thyroid with iodine?

We know that the primary reason your thyroid gland is under active is because you don’t have enough iodine on board. What happens to your skin when you do start replenishing your thyroid with iodine? 

  • Your skin gets softer.
  • Your skin gets more moist.
  • Your skin starts looking like it did when you were 19.

Every skin cell in your body has a receptor for thyroid (and every other) hormone. So if there is not enough thyroid hormone circulating around, then your skin will dry out. Pump up your thyroid with iodine and your skin responds from the “inside out”.

Here is another secret:

Add some omega-3 (fish oil) and other essential fatty acids – and your skin develops an oily moisture that you used to have in your younger days. With the exception of the Japanese diet, virtually everyone is deficient in essential fatty acids (fish oils). These are critical for maintaining the integrity of the oil producing glands of your skin. This adds a sheen to your face.

Estrogen - another hormone secret:

Do you remember when you were pregnant and how good your skin looked? There is a very simple explanation for that. When you are pregnant, your hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone go up by a hundred-fold.

We now know that it is mainly the estrogen that is responsible for that pregnant “glow” to your skin. 

So another secret to fabulous facial skin is adding a little dab of a bio-identical estrogen cream to your face. You don’t need menopausal replacement doses – just a little a dab will do it (remember that Aftershave commercial?).

The same people who make the IodinePlus2, also make a bio-identical estrogen cream. This normally gets used for women with menopausal symptoms. But you can use the same cream – just in smaller doses to your face. One jar can last several months.

The total skin package: Put together a combination of:

  • Iodine
  • Omega 3 fish oils
  • Estrogen cream

This is the ideal “inside out” method of eliminating dry skin. This makes your skin looking moist, with a sheen over your entire body. Your face looks younger and those wrinkles and crow’s feet diminish.

Add an anti-wrinkle cream

The final piece of your skin restoration is work from the “outside in” by using a nice anti-wrinkle cream. There are many good brands out there for this. They are expensive, but well worth it, especially when you combine with the “inside out” strategy discussed above.

This is total skin care utilizing hormone management, supplementation to eliminate deficiencies and taking advantage of good cosmetic skin products for a pleasing result to you and your loved ones.

Putting it all together

Many women with dry skin will be thousands of dollars of cosmetic products and get ambivalent results. This is just using the “outside in” approach. 

A better method is to combine the “outside in” approach with the “inside out” approach. This can be done by doing the following:

  1. Take iodine supplements (IodinePlus2)

  2. Take omega-3 supplements

  3. Use a bio-identical estrogen cream on your face (Estro500)

  4. Use a high-end anti-wrinkle cream

This is the perfect package of putting it all together. You will be far more advanced than any single product or any dermatologist recommendations – because they focus on just one area – not the total body.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

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